Church Council
The Church Council (formerly known as the Administrative Council) is comprised of a Chairperson, heads of all committees within the church, the Pastor, the church staff, and five members at large. The council meets monthly to discuss the business affairs and ministry functions of the church and, on an ongoing basis, provides for the organization and administration of the church, and evaluates the mission and ministry of the church. Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30

Communications Committee
This committee works with other church committees to communicate information creatively and effectively to potential visitors, visitors, new members, and established members via print and electronic media. This includes the church web site, ministry brochures, and monthly newsletter. This committee includes the Pastor, the Administrative Assistant, the Webmaster, the Publicity Director, and other members as needed.
History  Committee
The History Committee records and preserves details about BFUMC’s activities and growth and makes that information available as necessary.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee proposes, raises, manages, and distributes the resources of the congregation. Members of this committee include the Chairperson, the Pastor, the Church Financial Secretary, the Church Treasurer, the Stewardship Chairperson, the Church Council Chairperson, the Lay Leader and Alternate Lay Leader to the Annual Conference, and three members at large.

Lay Leadership Committee
The Lay Leadership Committee (formerly Nominating Committee) discovers, invites, nominates, and supports persons for leadership positions in the ministry of the congregation. The committee presents a slate of officers at the Annual Charge Conference each year.

  • Lay Leader
    This person gathers the hopes and concerns of the congregation and works with the pastor and the church leadership to plan and support programs which will address these hopes and concerns. As such, the Lay Leader is an ad hoc member of all church committees and is encouraged to attend all committee meetings.
  • Lay Members to Annual Conference
    The Lay Members of Annual Conference link the congregation and the convectional church by participating in the Annual Conferences sessions and interpreting its actions to the congregation. They attend the South Carolina Annual Conference sessions in June and make a report to the congregation.

Staff/Parish Relations Committee
The Staff/Parish Relations Committee (formerly known as Pastor/Parish Relations Committee) is responsible for overseeing church staff performance, education, and compensation; working with the District Superintendent to determine and direct the ministry of the church; and recognizing and supporting anyone in the church who feels called to ordained ministry. This committee has between 5 and 9 members elected to 3-year terms. Members should include a young adult and may also include a youth. The lay leader and a lay member of the annual conference area are required to be members of this committee. The committee must not include an immediate family member of the pastor or staff or more than one person from the same household. At the end of their term, committee members cannot immediately serve again.

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee encourages members to support Berea Friendship with their prayers, presence, gifts, and service by sharing information about our church and its needs.

The Board of Trustees in the United Methodist Church has the responsibility to manage, supervise, oversee, and care for the property of the church. Additionally, the Board of Trustees must ensure the adequacy of property, liability, and crime insurance and receive and administer all bequests and trusts given to the church. The Board of Trustees is composed of not more than nine nor fewer than three members. Members of the committee are elected by the charge conference to serve a term of up to three years. At least one-third of the trustees shall be laywomen, one-third laymen, and two-thirds must be members of the church. A provision in the Book of Discipline allows for up to one-third of the trustees to be nonmembers. The Trustees ask that all church members and visitors help them keep the church property in good condition by treating it with respect. If you know of problem that needs attention, please notify the Trustees by filling out a form that is located in the holder on the church office door.


The Education Committee oversees the Sunday School program for all ages, plus Vacation Bible School and holiday celebrations for children’s classes. If you have an interest in teaching Sunday School, being a substitute teacher, or assisting with the Valentine’s, Easter, or Christmas party, please contact the church office.

Positions within the Education Committee include Sunday School Superintendent, Elementary Coordinator, UMYF President, Campus Ministries, Youth Coordinator, Safe Sanctuary Coordinator, Family Ministries,Older Adult Ministries, and the Child Development Center Committee.

Higher Education and Campus Ministries
The Higher Education and Campus Ministries Committee, better known as the College Committee, exists to stay in touch with church members who are enrolled in a college or university and living away from home and to actively involve college-aged young people in the life of the church. If you are a college student living at or away from home, or if there is a college student in your family, please call the church office at 246-4311 to provide us with current and correct contact information.

The Worship Committee acts to support and enhance Berea Friendship’s worship experiences. This includes preparation and planning for such special services as Maundy Thursday, Pentecost, the Hanging of the Greens, and other significant occasions. The Worship Committee works with the pastor, the music director, and others to ensure that opportunities for worship are provided that will assist the congregation in developing and strengthening their relationship with God. The Altar Guild, which attends to elements of worship such as paraments, altar flowers, and banners, reports to this committee, as do ushers, acolytes, communion stewards, liturgists, and lay speakers. This committee also coordinates and staffs Children’s Church.


The Bereavement Committee exists to comfort and care for families in our church who have experienced a loss. Typically, a meal is provided for the family immediately prior to, or after, the funeral. Please notify the church office immediately if you have had a death in your family, or become aware of a church member who has.

This committee works to identify and understand and the needs of people throughout our community and world and implements programs and ministries that encourage our members to address those needs. Activities include member visitation, welcoming visitors, spiritual renewal activities, and revivals. BFUMC’s annual Fall Festival is the main event overseen by the evangelism coordinator; proceeds from this event support a variety of mission projects ranging from local nonprofit groups and Methodist relief organizations, such as UMCOR, to missionaries around the world.

Health & Welfare Coordinator
The Health and Welfare Committee provides information and opportunities related to the health and well-being of our church members. Typical activities include blood drives (church members can receive blood for free when needed in medical situations), blood pressure checks, and periodic updates on disease research and prevention.

Outreach and Mission
The Outreach and Mission Committee works to share God’s love with our community at large.